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     Specialty Motors Manufacturing applied for the first of many patents in 1952. Since that time, many inventions have followed. These labor saving inventions have been developed for numerous industries worldwide.

     Here are some areas you might recognize:

  • Boat engine repair stands
  • Booms
  • Custom hoists and dollies
  • Custom lawn and tractor supplies
  • Drive-in test tanks
  • Duel drive-in test tanks
  • Forklift kit
  • Holding fixtures
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Lawn and tractor stands and hoists
  • Lifts

  • Lower unit holder

  • Marine repair stands

  • Oil filter cruncher

  • Outboard motor lifts
  • Outboard motor repair stands  


  • Outdrive Installer/Carrier
  • Outdrive holder/racks
  • Pallet rack  
  • Personal watercraft cart/stand
  • Personal watercraft hoist/lift  
  • Personal watercraft test tank 
  • Portable work stands
  • Portable workbench
  • Semi-trailer pallet rack
  • Shop tools
  • Snowmobile hoists
  • Snowmobile ramps
  • Tapered drive-in test tanks
  • …and anything else you can imagine



All of Specialty Motors products have been developed with one goal in mind:

"To Save You Time and Money"

 For example, by reducing the amount of time spent moving equipment and reducing the risk of injury from moving heavy items, our line of versatile hydraulic lifts will start assisting your needs right away.

     Specialty Motors strict manufacturing procedures and thorough engineering results in equipment that is built to withstand abuse and outlast even the toughest competitor. In addition to rugged construction, Specialty Motors products require very little, if any, maintenance. Just another way our equipment will save you both time and money.



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